The genuine Cause of Asthma and How to Remedy It



The disease associated with asthma is caused by a good infestation of the lungs through the larval stage of a common vermin. The name of the parasite is Ascaris. It is classified as a roundworm and it is very common in cats and dogs. It is also found in other types of creatures, including the domestic animals that we get our meat as well as dairy products. Because Ascaris unwanted organisms are so prevalent, they are also generally found in human beings as well.

Humans can become infested by a minimum of two (2) different types of Ascaris worms-Ascaris lumbricoides as well as Ascaris megalocephaly. I do not as yet know which variety is in charge of causing asthma in people. It may be both of them. It doesn’t matter. They both can be removed very quickly and easily and your breathing difficulties can be cured.

The following is to learn more about how Ascaris worms can invade the human body and how this particular invasion leads to asthma. Tiny Ascaris eggs are practically everywhere in our environment. This is because mature Ascaris live in the small intestinal tract of many animals, most commonly cats and dogs. These adults produce numerous eggs which exit these types of animals in their excrement. Once the animal excrement dries, the actual Ascaris eggs get added too with the soil. From the ground, the eggs can get disbanded anywhere.

If we get soil on our hands and then by mistake touch our mouths, typically the eggs may get into our systems. Their Ascaris can go by way of their development stages. Ascaris eggs can also get up on our pets’ fur. Once we pet our dogs and cats and then touch our mouths, Ascaris eggs can get into us all. Ascaris eggs are also throughout fertilizer. From the fertilizer, typically the eggs can get onto each of our vegetables and other produce. In addition, there are Ascaris eggs in our home animals, such as meat along with dairy cattle. From there they might get into our meat along with dairy products. Humans ingest Ascaris eggs quite often, especially if they also have pets and virtually every time they eat produce, meat, or maybe dairy products.

After we ingest the Ascaris eggs, that they hatch in our digestive methods, releasing their larval level. The microscopic larvae subsequently travel through our bloodstream to our lungs. Here they molt (shed their skins) a couple of times as they grow. In our voice, they produce chemicals that are fitted with the ability to neutralize other substances produced by our immune methods which would ordinarily exterminate these people. Thus, they are able to flourish.

In the lungs, the larvae vacation up or get coughed up the trachea or windpipe. From there, some of them enter the esophagus and get back into our digestive system systems. (Because phlegm via our lungs often is made up of Ascaris larvae, it should by no means be swallowed. It should be thrown into tissue and correctly disposed of or spit into the toilet. ) The larvae then travel to either the actual stomach or the small intestinal tract where they stay and be adults. The adults lose eggs into our digestive system tracts, which are then removed from our bodies in our waste.

All Ascaris worms undergo a lung stage included in their development, whether it is within humans, in our pets, or even in other animals. It really is this larval stage within the lungs that causes asthma. Not really everyone who has Ascaris larvae in their lungs develops breathing difficulties. However, Ascaris worms usually go through a lung phase as part of their development.

Removing Ascaris by Starving All of them

One of the ways that we can easily get rid of approximately half of the Ascaris viruses and their larvae residing in the body is to deprive them of the substances they require in order to endure. We can accomplish this by staying away from certain foods ourselves.

Ascaris lumbricoides requires a substance called quercitin. Quercitin is found in undercooked pumpkin and squash, oats (raw or cooked), melons, mushrooms, kiwi fruit, cottage cheese, cucumbers, maple syrup, ripe papaya, pomegranate, sweet potatoes, yams, and wormwood.

Ascaris megalocephaly requires a substance called d-carnitine in order to survive. D-carnitine can be found in chicken and turkey, nevertheless, it is not found in the free-range, organic varieties of chicken as well as turkey.

By not eating these foods, you can eliminate around half of the Ascaris parasites and the stages residing in your body. As soon as their essential foods are long gone, many of the Ascaris parasites merely leave. However, it will take 2 or 3 days for their essential nutrients to be reduced from your body once you cease eating them. The reason that they most do not disappear is that in all probability you’ll be ingesting small amounts involving quercitin or d-carnitine that happen to be hidden in other foods. All these small amounts of quercitin or maybe d-carnitine are enough to permit some of the Ascaris to survive.

Reducing Ascaris by Exterminating These people

Fortunately, there is another, the more appropriate method for eliminating the Ascaris larvae residing in your voice and causing your bronchial asthma. It is by exterminating these people. This method will also allow your voice to begin producing its parasite-exterminating chemicals again. For the greatest effectiveness, you should combine the new method with the starvation process just described.

Our resistant systems produce a number of very parasite-killing chemicals. Ordinarily, all these chemicals would be able to exterminate just about any invaders before they would be capable of gaining a foothold in your body. However, the Ascaris larvae produce some good chemicals of their own which are capable to neutralize our defensive substances. So the Ascaris larvae can easily invade our lungs along with growing there.

One of the human body’s parasite-killing chemicals is called benzoquinone, or BQ, for brief. BQ can usually exterminate the actual lumbricoides variety of Ascaris as well as its stages. Another one of our own defensive chemicals is called rhodizonic acid, or RZ, with regard to short. RZ can usually get rid of the megalocephaly variety of Ascaris and all of its stages. Regrettably, the overwhelming number of Ascaris that have invaded our lung area and the chemicals that they create have rendered both the BQ and the RZ made in our own lungs by our defense systems ineffective.

However, there exists a method for reintroducing both BQ and RZ back into our own lungs. The method consists of consuming facsimiles of both BQ and RZ. By taking these types of facsimiles a few drops each time, a number of times a day, within a short amount of time all of the Ascaris larvae residing in your lungs are going to be exterminated. Your lungs’ defense mechanisms will also begin producing their very own BQ and RZ once again and begin warding off any upcoming Ascaris larvae invasions. (You would never want to ingest the particular chemicals BQ and RZ themselves because our bodies just make very minute amounts of them and you would certainly ingest too much. However, the same amount of chemicals in the facsimiles is very small, and taking all of them is perfectly safe. It really is similar to taking homeopathic treatments in which minute amounts of ingredients are ingested. )

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