The reason why Bother Doing Compatibility Testing?

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“Why bother doing child stroller tests? Just let nature acquire its course. ”

My spouse and I received this response coming from a friend who did not have confidence in astrology. Of course, not anyone believes in this stuff. But I do think you do. If not, you will not be scanning this.

I am going to share with you a personal real story. You shall make a decision at the end of this article if it is some sort of a waste of time to do a compatibility analysis.

Let me start by sharing that can certainly make money doing a compatibility test. There are actually 4 parts to the part. If a couple can credit score well in all 4 segments, then it’s very likely that they may have a lasting relationship.

From the first section, I will assess their Chinese 8 Personas. From the Chinese 8 Personas, I can determine whether it is a one-sided relationship, the chances of the relationship training, as well as the challenging periods of the relationship. This is the most important area.

In another article, I will reveal to you exactly how you can tell in case a relationship is one-sided.

The 2nd section is about Indian Numerology. I will see if the figures are compatible. This is to verify if their personalities clash. This particular part is not as important as the very first section.

The next section is definitely Western Astrology to compare their own Sun Signs and Celestial satellite Signs. This is also comparing their own personalities.

Last but not least, the last area is about their past living relationship. From here, I am in a position to tell who owes who else in a past life as well as who is going to repay who else in this life. This is also a massive important section.

OK, you now know how the test works. However, why bother with all these? Exactly what benefit can you get out of this? Relax… you will discover more while you read on.

Let me share an individual true story. This is the first time I am sharing this openly.

Before I learned about all this stuff, I was a complete failure in relationships. We only got attached at age group 20. When I was in college, all my “attempts to deal with girls” were failures.

The reason why? A reason may be a lack of encounter. Another reason may be that the luck pillar was antagonistic to relationships back then. However, the most important reason is Some know where to focus their time and energy. I kept finding the wrong person.

Until 1 day…

I realized that there is 1 type of girl that I would remain a high chance. If I feel able to find that type of young lady, I will be able to get affixed easily. I do not need to hang around plotting strategies on how to “tackle” them. They will automatically receive attracted to me.

There were only two criteria to meet. Firstly, they should be born on Normal water or Metal day since a Fire Month.

This means they should be born in Summertime, between 6th May along with 6th August or in 7th place October to 7th Late. And they must be born about Water or Metal nights.

In July 2000, My spouse and I met this girl online who has been born on 14th August 1983. It was a Normal water day in a Fire thirty-day period. However, in terms of Indian Numerology, it is not so favorable. Since her secondary number is usually 6, which clashes with my numbers.

But anyway, I used to be also attracted to her. And we got together. But one nighttime, she told me that there ended up being another guy in your ex-school who was after your ex.

Oh no, a competitor!

Specialists for his date involving birth, so as to know what is generally his chances and what is generally my chances. If the Elements are more favorable, you will find a higher chance that she’s going to leave me and select him.

He was born seventeenth of February 1983. Wood day time, wood month. I heaved a sigh of reduction.

What happened was that he was interested in her given that in 1998. 2 years passed and has yet to succeed. That I knew her for only 22 days and nights and I succeeded.

Why? I want to explain…

A person born over a Water day in a Flame month is considered “weak” with regards to elements. Therefore she will need Metal to strengthen her H2o. Metal serves 2 functions here. First to strengthen H2o and second to damage the Fire.

I am born inside a Metal month. Since I have got plenty of Metal, which is advantageous to her, she will automatically end up being attracted to me. Without myself having to do much in the part. I met the woman in July, which is Flame month. That makes her a lot more in need of Metal. That clarifies why I succeeded inside 22 days.

Let’s check out my competitor’s elements. He or she is a very strong Wood particular person. Wood day, Wood calendar month. However, Wood produces Flame, which is her unfavorable aspect. It is quite difficult for the dog to succeed unless he relationships a Water or Sheet metal period in his luck keystone.

Let’s look at this in his opinion… if he succeeds, it’ll be a one-sided relationship. He/she needs her more than the woman needs him. Let me reveal…

He is attracted to her, mainly because Wood produces Fire. The woman can help him weaken his / her Wood. As you have probably learned, too much of anything is undesirable. Whenever this guy encounters Real wood in his luck pillars, his / her luck cycle will be really down.

Another interesting matter to note is that this girl is undoubtedly an avid fan of Ekin Cheng, a Hong Kong musician, and actor. Ekin Cheng is born on 4th July 1967. A Metal morning in a Metal month. This can be another sign that indicates she needs Metal to reinforce her luck cycle.

Consequently, any guy born on 7th August and in 7th place October stands a high opportunity of success when going after your girlfriend. In fact, it’s highly probable that he does not have to do considerably.

OK, back to my preceding “failures”. Why did My partner and I fail back then? I empty your wallet of time and effort, but I became not able to succeed with people girls. Why?

It took us a few years to realize this. These girls that “I been unsuccessful with” were all given birth to in Winter. One of them was Timber day and Water month. One other was Fire day, H2o month.

Now, let me describe why all these “targets” have been uninterested…

A person born over a Wood day during an H2o month needs Fire. Look at this, how can a tree or perhaps plant grow in Winter? Guarana will need sunlight and warmth to grow.

That is my trouble. I did not have Fire within my elements. I had a lot of Steel and Earth, but simply no Fire. There was no interest. I spent a lot of time and energy but kept getting turned down.

So what’s the meaning of the story?

By doing the particular compatibility test, you are able to inform your chances of succeeding. You will not spend your time and effort on the wrong particular person. You will be able to know which competition to fear and which ones you can easily triumph over. Read also: Chlorine and Cancer: What Can any Water Filter Do for You?

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