The reason why do Teens Find it More challenging to Quit Smoking?


If you are a grown-up and ever tried to stop smoking cigarettes, you realize how hard it can be. But have you ever found yourself are you wondering why teens have a harder time period quitting smoking than grownups? Teenagers are faced with an absolutely different set of challenges any time attempting to quit smoking cigarettes when compared to adults.

Whether you could possibly realize it or not, adolescent smoking is one of the major troubles found in our society. Mothers and fathers who have teenagers that light up find many challenges wanting to get their teens to quit rapidly Or to keep them from commencing the habit in the first place.

Teenage using tobacco had been on the decline since the mid to late nineties. But data that has emerge just recently is beginning to display that cigarette smoking among teenagers is once again on the rise.

Because adults we are aware of crucial long-term health risks and implications of teenage smoking. All of us are too familiar with the evidence directing to chronic smoking-associated diseases. However, we question why some teens often ignore this evidence and start smoking in the face of the many explanations why they shouldn’t.

Among the numerous different reasons given for your difficulties in teenagers giving up smoking are friends and family who else smoke, peer pressure, as well as advertising geared toward teenagers. A few of the other reasons may include a natural rebelliousness of the teen or cigarette smoking to relieve feelings of tension or sadness.

In the areas that follow, we think about some of the reasons why teens might have a harder time giving up smoking and how you may, because that teen’s parent Or even guardian, may begin to help.

Moms and dads Who Smoke

If you are a mother or father who smokes can you truly be wondering why it is more difficult for your teens to quit cigarette smoking?

We often find that teenagers tend to imitate the people in their girl surroundings with whom these people feel the closest. Having old brothers and sisters or parents who else smoke cigarettes is one of the biggest danger factors for teenage cigarette smoking. This is one time you do not would like your kids to copy your habits.

Teenagers having parents which are smokers have a higher trend to be smokers themselves. By simply smoking themselves, parents fixed an example and send quickly to their teenagers to “do as I say but not web site does. ” For a great deal better or worse, teenagers will likely “do as you do. ”

In lots of homes today, teenagers are just modeling themselves after their very own parents, or other grownups or so-called role products living in their homes.

If you are a smoker and have kids, you want to stop smoking before your kids recognize your habit. If your adolescents have already begun smoking cigarettes, you must set the example by demonstrating directly to them how to quit smoking.

Peer Force

Another piece of the bigger picture concerning why it is more challenging for teens to quit using tobacco has to do with peer pressure.

Currently being accepted among one’s associates is a powerful motivator with regard to adolescents. These young people attempting to fit in with their social organizations are at a high risk for actions such as smoking.

Oftentimes a teen will smoke as a way associated with showing rebellion. Going towards school rules and adult rules by smoking is visible as a rite of passing in some teenage social groups.

Some teenagers smoke to become cool or to be self-employed but they all seem to have the same wish to fit in with their peers, buddies, or the social group which they think is cool.


Although you’ll find lots of teens admitting to peer pressure like a major reason for starting to smoke cigarettes, other teenagers say smoke advertising also played a task in their decision to start cigarette smoking. You can guess of course that people in the tobacco industry are responsible for many other factors besides the adverts they are spending billions of money on.

Matthew Myers, chief executive of Campaign for Smoking cigarettes Free Kids, says that one of the most important customers for smoking cigarettes companies are teenagers. Advertising is employed by tobacco companies for you to convince teenagers that using tobacco is cool says Myers.

Cigarette ads tend to glamorize smoking by making smoking look like cool and hip. As outlined by psychologist John Pierce, PhD, of the Cancer Prevention along with Control Program at the university or college of California, San Diego, “Cigarette advertising dissolves children’s ability smoking with entertaining design such as Joe Camel in which present smoking as enjoyable, cool and a normal portion of living the ‘good life. ”

These are just a few of the reasons why researchers feel that section of the efforts to keep kids through smoking should focus on teaching kids about the manipulation associated with young people that is so widespread in the tobacco industry these days.


Most of us as moms and dads tend to underestimate the impact that movies have upon children. Even if we are teaching our children about the fact that smoking is actually unacceptable, having children notice their heroes and part models smoking in films will tend to undermine our own message.

Research has shown that the more children see a common movie star smoking in films, the more likely they will begin cigarette smoking. It is thought that four out of every 10 teenagers who else smokes today were affected in some way by the smoking these people saw in movies.

Typically the attorneys general in 34 states has recently begun calling for the major movie broadcasters to include anti-smoking public assistance announcements with all movies exactly where people are shown smoking.

Claims the director of the Facility for Tobacco Control Study at the University of Florida at San Francisco, Stanton Glantz, filmmakers are “delivering 4000, 000 kids a year on the tobacco industry, and that’s inappropriate. They’re abusing their people, and their audience’s parents, and totally unnecessary. ”

Chemistry and biology

It is known that cigarette smoking has the ability to suppress one’s cravings and also your metabolism. These features of nicotine make it a favorite diet tool primarily with regard to teen girls as well as a few women.

Studies conducted through the University of Michigan discovered that 14-year-old young ladies are two times as probably as boys to try cigarette smoking. The concerns given by these types of girls were fears encircling their weight.

A number of online surveys have indicated that possibly as much as 30% of adolescent girls, as well as women, give managing their weight as one of the major causes of smoking.

States Doctor Margaret R. Rukstalis, the psychiatrist at the University associated with Pennsylvania, specializing in addictive actions, “The relationship between issues about weight and cigarette smoking is dramatic. ”

And the teenagers who do start experimenting with cigarettes can become hooked on nicotine much more quickly compared to can adults. Young minds, scientists seem to believe, tend to be more receptive biologically to cigarette smoking. This makes it especially hard to don’t smoke.

A report by the National Commence on Drug Abuse stated in some adolescents can become passionate within days of beginning to use tobacco. And it also appears that teenage girls get hooked on cigarette smoking faster than do teenage boys.

Not Fully Mindful of the Health Risks

If you are nonetheless wondering why is it harder intended for teens to quit smoking, recognize that may be that they are not quite entirely aware of the health risks involving cigarette smoking.

A study recently executed by the Centers for Disorder Control stated that adolescents who begin smoking not simply significantly increase their potential for developing lung cancer nevertheless can early on begin exhibiting signs that will eventually bring about heart disease and stroke.

Quotations are that 80% involving adults who are smokers right now began smoking as teens.

Although the health consequences involving smoking cigarettes are known to people as adults, many young adults don’t seem to be fully aware of the particular long-term adverse health effects of smoking.

It seems that young children are not fully able to hold the concept of the damage involving tobacco. A challenge for us seeing that parents is to help this kind of kids begin to understand the good effects that smoking can have on them.

What Can We Complete

Most experts agree this parents play the most significant position in their kid’s decision in order to smoke or to quit smoking.

Through it clear to their little ones that they disapprove of cigarettes, parents can exert considerably more influence on the behavior of their children than they might assume.

It has been shown that youngsters who feel as though all their parents would not approve ones smoking were less than half seeing that likely to smoke as young children having parents they imagined didn’t care. And those who experts claim to smoke are more likely to give up smoking.

This is the idea to get to know and become accustomed to the friends your teenager contacts. It is also a good idea to study their friends’ parents likewise. Having your children’s friends through on a regular basis will help in that consideration.

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