USB Rechargeable Portable Juicer Review


There are many brands of USB rechargeable portable juicers on the market. We will look at the Leegoal Bravo, PETOLAR, and VersionTECH. Let’s find out how they compare in terms of features and performance. These portable juicers are very convenient to use and can even be taken on the go. They all promise to give you fresh, tasty juice every time.

Leegoal Bravo

One of the most popular and versatile juicers is the Leegoal Bravo USB rechargeable portable juice maker. This juicer features a 1200-watt motor and five speeds for blending. Its durable base can be used to make smoothies and juices on the go. This juicer is also suitable for juicing soft fruits. The juicer is powered by a rechargeable USB port and has a two-year warranty.

This juicer is compatible with various fruit, vegetable, and other ingredients. It can even juice hot beverages. The juicer’s temperature range can go up to 194 degrees F. It features a 400-ml bottle and six stainless steel blades. The juicer can be used for making smoothies, protein shakes, and milkshakes. As it is rechargeable, it is easy to use and store.


The VersionTECH USB Rechargeable Portable Juicing Machine is a portable juicer that uses a USB charging port to operate. It is designed to be compact and easy to carry. It fits in the water bottle compartments of most backpacks. It is made of eco-friendly PCTG materials. It also features a unique safety design with a safety indicator light and magnetic induction automatic stop. It also has a shock-absorbing base. The juicer cup uses a 7.4V motor to create a fresh smoothie in just 30 seconds. The juicer uses high-quality rechargeable batteries and can be charged via a computer or power bank.


The POLAR USB Rechargeable Portable Juicer is a very popular choice among those looking for a portable juicer that can be taken with them on the go. The juicer is lightweight and easy to carry with its large capacity, allowing you to add frozen fruit to fresh juice within 30 seconds. This juicer also offers many features to make juicing a breeze.