The reason why the Food Pyramid Sucks


Have you had one of those moments… An individual asks you a question which often seems to be really simple, but still, you know if you answer the idea, it opens up for 100 far more questions?

After explaining to my good friend my feelings about why counting calories doesn’t work, I do think he was having a little bit of some sort of paradigm shift regarding health, nutrition, and weight loss. I had just created a list and I knew more inquiries would come flying at us!

The penny had fallen and all was not as it looked in the world of weight loss and promotion. He began to understand that chemical-dense food was of the utmost importance when it came to weight loss, not counting calories. He likewise began to realize that most of the daily diet consisted of food that had been not nutrient-dense. ?t had been loaded with refined grains, bright flour, and starch similar to bread, pasta, rice, and so forth

So here came the next problem… What about the food pyramid? Having been actually eating in absolutely no greater quantity than what was strongly recommended by the somewhat vague doctor prescribed advocated by the food pyramid. Yet he wasn’t slimming down.

This was my answer to the reason why I thought the food pyramid was drawn. Here’s why…


Language in cheek my solution was this – Have you got any idea how hard it really is to find quality grass-given beef these days?

It’s because maqui berry farmers fatten their cattle plan grain and corn. They are able to do this in weeks. From my understanding, they fight to do this when a cow consumes what it’s supposed to (grass). I think it’s a safe wager that we can apply this particular theory to us, humans, as well!

If you want a body shaped just like a pyramid, I suggest you follow the traditional advice.

In my opinion, you are best turning it upside down with regard to greater health and a better physique.


The food pyramid was first released back in 1974 in Luxa, Sweden. The most widely known food pyramid was introduced by the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE (United States Department associated with Agriculture) in 1992.

The initial I then ask is this: Might the US department of farming have a vested interest in marketing grains as your primary meal source?

The dieticians, as well as nutritionists that promote the meals pyramid, are the same ones which design hospital food and college lunch menus. I invested most of the beginning of this yr visiting the hospital every day and I also was horrified with what often the dieticians were feeding affected individuals. It’s not my intention in the slightest to undermine the hospital team, as they went above and beyond all their duties to help look after anyone I dearly loved. Although I don’t agree with the training course that promotes this kind of nutrient.

From what I can see, not any human society in history is eating a diet remotely just like what I saw in the hospital, and the same goes with the faculties for that matter.


If you look at the top of the pyramid, you have a picture of a bit of fat, which instantly advances a low-fat diet. Often the fats are placed next to often the sweets! Is this authentic?

There’s not even a difference in the types of fats. They have now common knowledge that certain fatty acids are essential for the optimum strengthening of brain function. There’s a massive difference between cold-pressed coconut oil and a hydrogenated margarine spread! (I wrote a new post on fats here).

I believe fats from a healthy source can actually aid in fat reduction, reduce heart disease risk, cheaper blood sugar, and even lower cholesterol!


I asked my friend in the event he genuinely felt in the event he was eating healthy every day? He said he sensed it wasn’t too bad… somewhat rough around the edges yet all the same he said had been doing OK.

I then questioned him about what he had yesterday and it was a standard diet that I see merely. Muesli for breakfast (read this article to find out why this is simply a sugar fix). He raced out the door and was in the automobile driving for most of the morning hours. He had the munchies mid-morning (his breakfast fed the particular appetite but not the body) and ate a muesli ‘health’ bar (this includes so much sugar he may also have eaten a mars bar). It was then an overdue lunch which was ham greens focaccia bread with no spread! That night when he got home worn out he ate pre-packed veg lasagna.

I see this every single day and I believe this is the extremely reason why his energy will be low and he’s certainly not shifting weight along with numerous other people I see struggling. Not only this, I believe this will compromise his or her health over time as well. That is a bit like carrying any pack on your back together with somebody following you falling little rocks in it on occasion. It’s too little to notice each but you know something’s more or less not right. Then bang! At some point, you’re weighed down on the bottom, worn out, and struggling for getting up.

Yet he’s feeding on exactly what the food pyramid ordre as a healthy diet.


It is now stated through 70% of Australians usually are overweight with 30% obese, and this now seems to be established as normal. Sadly consumers are eating the perceived proper dieting which largely consists of carbohydrates, grains, and processed foods.

Now I am a big believer in doing the opposite of what most people do because of getting a different result.

My partner and I turned the food pyramid ugly but left the treats and processed fats topside. I’ve been doing this for many years, in addition, to feeling great! I aim to eat natural fats in addition to vegetables with most servings and moderate protein taken in. I eat when Now I am hungry and stop when Now I am full. I don’t utilize calorie counting or stress about the number of calories contained in normal fats. When I don’t wayward from this eating I can check in with my abs, the moment I boost my grains they go away. I exercise most days and nights and feel great.

Easily eat grains it’s around the odd occasion (like 1-3 x a week max) and it is quinoa or spelled.

We have worked alongside much scientific research without an agenda who use this approach too. I’ve utilized this way of eating to be able to hundreds of clients who have just about all had the same results. Fat loss, elevated energy, and overall increased wellbeing.

They have all fit the starch, wheat, gluten, pasta, rice, etc. If you need some healthy alternatives you can examine our recipes segment here. With a little bit of planning, you’ll be amazed at what choices are available.

But don’t rely on just my opinion, do some homework and study some books. Health is actually a personal journey, but if you are generally not happy with where you are at the alter is needed. The change will only are derived from applying action.

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