Wellcare Value Script Reviews



If you need prescription drugs, the Wellcare Value Script Copays may be a good option for you. These plans use a sliding fee scale based on a patient’s copay amount. As a result, iting a preferred pharmacy will be cheaper than going through a third-party pharmacy. Wellcare also offers mail delivery of scripts.

The copays and coinsurances for the Wellcare Value Script Part D plans are average. You can review the copays and coinsurances online. Enter your medications to see the estimated costs. You can also see how much you’ll pay monthly for the plan. You can also view Wellcare’s Medicare Part D ratings. These are based on a five-point scale and are updated annually.

Wellcare also has a formulary and a network of participating pharmacies. The Value Script plan has the lowest premium and no annual deductible for drugs in tiers 1 and 2. This may be a good choice for those with few prescription drug needs. Value Plus, meanwhile, has a slightly higher monthly premium but no annual deductible.


When choosing a Part D plan, comparing the cost and copayments is essential. Wellcare Value Script is an average plan. While its premiums and coinsurance are on the higher side, members tend to have an excellent experience. In addition, the plan’s drug prices and safety ratings are on par with other Part D plans.

Wellcare offers three PDP options. The least expensive is the Value Script plan, which comes with no deductible. This plan is an excellent choice for those who rarely use prescription drugs or generic medications. The most expensive plan is Value Plus, which has a higher monthly premium and no annual deductible.

Medication Therapy Management program

A new program from Wellcare helps members understand and manage their prescription medications safely and effectively. The program works with members and doctors to ensure that all medications work together for maximum health benefits. The program also offers live seminars and free events for members. It is available in 36 states and provides services to more than 1.5 million MA members.

The Medication Therapy Management program from Wellcare helps members get the most out of their prescriptions, reduces the risk of drug interactions, and supports healthy drug use. The program’s health and wellness center are full of interactive tools and resources to help members manage their health conditions and save on health care. Moreover, members can call a dedicated customer service line for questions or concerns.


If you are on Medicare, you may wonder how much the Wellcare Value Script Part D plan will cost. This plan has a low premium and offers $0 copayments for Tier 1 prescriptions. However, some of the plan’s features may cost you more. If you aren’t sure what you’re paying for, check the plan’s cost table for details.

Wellcare offers three Part D plans with varying premiums: Value Script, Classic, and Value Plus. The Value Script plan has the lowest monthly premium and annual deductible. The other two plans are similar copayments but offer more coverage for brand-name drugs.

Customer service

Customers who use the Wellcare Value Script health insurance plan generally get a good experience when calling the company’s customer service line. The company handles Medicare complaints well and helps members with questions. The prices and safety of drugs are also reasonable, and members like the experience of working with the company.

In addition, the company offers mail-delivery of prescriptions. However, some prescriptions require prior authorization. In addition, some may only be covered within certain limits, and WellCare may require that you first try a new drug before they cover it. However, WellCare will cover a prescription at any network pharmacy if you have a prescription covered under the plan.