A Review of the Copper Kitchen in Velachery


If you are looking for a great restaurant that serves delicious cuisine, you should consider Copper Kitchen. The restaurant chain is renowned for its delicious Chinese and Indian cuisines. They also offer home delivery and catering services. So whether you are hosting a party or preparing an entire meal, the food at Copper Kitchen is sure to impress.

Food safety

The Copper kitchen was conceived as a food service concept established in 2011. It has been a pioneer in food safety and quality and is dedicated to maintaining a high standard of hygiene. The company employs a team of highly experienced chefs and has a strict focus on quality. Food safety is a top priority for Copper kitchen, which is regularly audited to ensure that its operations meet the standards set out by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

Menus from Chennai

The Copper Kitchen chain of restaurants in Chennai offers mouthwatering Chinese, Indian, and Tandoori dishes. In addition, the restaurants offer catering and home delivery services. The delicious food served by the restaurant chain is sure to make you come back for more. Customers can order their favourite dishes to be delivered right to their doorsteps.

The Ahlan concept inspires the restaurant chain. The owners have a strong emphasis on quality and service. Copper kitchen is regularly audited and strictly follows the FSSAI hygiene guidelines. The chefs and management team of the restaurant are highly experienced in cooking and preparing mouthwatering meals for their customers.

It is essential not to go to buffets empty-handed, as this will make you feel stuffed. Before you go, have something to eat and check out all the dishes. Many restaurants start with carb-heavy words at the buffet, quickly filling your stomach. Keep an eye out for new comments as well.

Menus from Velachery

Copper Kitchen is a popular restaurant chain with various mouthwatering dishes. They serve Indian, Chinese, and Tandoor cuisine. They also have catering services and home delivery options. They are one of the best restaurants in Chennai. So if you’re looking for a new place to enjoy Indian and Chinese cuisine, Copper Kitchen is a great choice.

Their wood-fired pizza is a big seller. They also serve a variety of non-vegetarian tandoori items, including murgh tikka, tandoori chicken achari, and Macchi hariyali tikka. They also serve chicken momos, which will appeal to the meat lovers in your group.

Aside from offering mouthwatering dishes, the Copper kitchen also provides catering and home delivery services. The company’s philosophy revolves around quality, service, and hygiene. It adheres to the strict rules laid down by the FSSAI and has been audited regularly.