Google Travel Has Been Shut Down


Google Travel is a mobile app that the company launched in September 2016. It has been available for iOS and Android since its launch. However, it was shut down by Google on August 5th of this year.

Directory tab in Google Maps

If you’re a mobile searcher, you’ll notice a new Directory tab on your Google Maps app. This tab allows you to find stores and other businesses inside a mall, building, or airport.

The tab also displays business hours, star ratings, floor information, parking lots, and transportation. In addition, you can use the Directory tab to find a place to shop or dine or get some information about a location you’re interested in.

The Directory Tab is available on iOS and Android devices. It’s not always present in every mall or airport, though. In addition, as the Directory Tab grows, it will cover more places worldwide.

Google is expanding its features to make it easier for consumers to navigate big cities and shopping malls. It includes a new “Area Busyness” feature that lets you find restaurants and shops that are the most popular in your neighborhood.

Explore tool

The new Google travel tool is a handy way to get an idea of what to do at your next destination. By combining the features of Google Maps and Google Flights, you can find hotels, restaurants, and activities near your destination. If you’re planning a road trip, you can find out which places are most likely to have the most exciting sights and attractions.

There are four ways to access the Explore tool. You can use a browser or download Android or iOS apps.

You must set your destination and departure location to use the Explore tool. Then you can choose to filter your search by price, duration, or airline. Depending on your choice, you’ll see destinations around the world.

Another option is to create an itinerary for your trip. This can be done by adding the origin city and dates. Alternatively, you can save your itinerary to Google and return to it.

Saved places

Saved places on Google travel are a great way to organize your favorite locations. This feature works on Android and desktop versions of the Google Maps app. When you save an address, location, or landmark, you can later use it to find your way to the right place.

You can create your custom list and save places worldwide. The Google Maps app comes with three pre-loaded lists: Favorites, Want to go and Starred. These lists are helpful in keeping places you want to revisit or find the best things to do in a new city.

Google Maps has updated its Saved places feature. It can now sort and display nearby saved places by distance, time, and country.


If you are looking for a cheap flight, Google travel flights will help you find it. You can use the search tool to compare airfares and choose from hundreds of airlines.

You can enter the date and destination you want to visit using the search tool. The results are grouped by airline and include prices, class of travel, and the number of stops.

You can also add several cities to your search. You can then select a class of travel and cabin type to get an idea of the total price.

You can use the “Price Graph” to view the fares for a given day for a more detailed look. Then, when you are done, you can select the cheapest option.

The Search tool will also show you the best deals on your selected dates. As you browse, you can view recommendations for cheap flights within your state or the country.

Booking directly through Google

Google travel has allowed booking directly through the company’s website. Its OTA (Online Travel Agency) search will enable users to choose from various airlines. In addition, they can use Google to compare flights, hotels, and activities.

Booking through Google is free. All travelers need is an email address. Once logged in, the site sends an itinerary to the email. This can then be shared with others, or you can email it yourself.

When searching, you can filter the search by price, number of guests, brand, amenities, or airline alliance. You can then view a map with destinations based on your selected parameters. The map will also show the cost of all the flight options.

The search filter tools are powerful. For example, you can use them to find a good deal based on average prices.