How to Make Crochet Fish Amigurumi


Crochet fish projects can add an eye-catching element to any home decor, and beginner crocheters should find these projects simple enough for completion. Crochet fish also make great gifts for loved ones and children and offer hours of creative fun!

Follow this step-by-step video tutorial to discover how to crochet an adorable fish amigurumi pattern that requires only basic crochet stitches!


Crochet fish can add a burst of color and personality to any room. Plus, they make great gifts! Easily created using yarn of your choice and simple patterns even suitable for beginners, these projects provide hours of crochet entertainment. Perfect gifts for kids or anyone who appreciates crochet!

This adorable crochet amigurumi pattern boasts a colorful body, cute fins, and eye-catching black eyes – an easy project that requires only basic yarn skills to crochet! Plus, it’s washable and reversible too; perfect for scarves and bags too – sure to bring smiles all around.

Selecting an easy and sturdy yarn will be crucial to your success with this pattern. Cotton is ideal as it absorbs heat quickly while remaining soft and hypoallergenic – although acrylic may offer a similar stitch definition.

Start your amigurumi by creating a foundation chain of six chains. Slip stitch the first and last chain together into a ring; once completed, make the fish’s body by repeating previous rounds until the desired length has been reached, leaving enough tail for sewing fins on.

Once your amigurumi body is complete, fins should be added. To do this, insert your hook between rows 9 and 10 at the center of the fish (to its eyes) and insert your yarn through one stitch lying two rounds behind the eyes on both sides of the body; pull the excess cord through a loop on the hook and knot for one pectoral fin before repeating the process on another side for second pectoral fin.

Once your fins are complete, use a tapestry needle to weave their ends into the fish’s body. Cut any excess yarn, leaving long tails for sewing purposes; weave these tails through both the top and bottom sections of its body to secure it in place.


Material choice is crucial to creating an enjoyable crochet experience. Choose soft and easy yarn to work with; adding details like eyes and fins will make your fish even more lifelike. A crochet hook one to two sizes smaller than you typically use with that yarn type can help achieve tighter stitches while still achieving an excellent shape; stuffing your amigurumi is another effective way of maintaining its form; however, be wary not to overstuff it as this may interfere with stitches and cause the piece to lose its shape over time.

Make your fish stand out with vibrant hues for added flair and enjoyment! These eye-catching pieces will draw people’s attention in any room, and they are also great conversation starters and may spark interest among your guests; plus, they make fantastic presents!

A cute and creative way to add flair and color to any room in the home, the amigurumi fish is a simple crochet project that makes for a thoughtful present for friends or loved ones. It requires basic supplies like a size J crochet hook and worsted-weight cotton yarn yarn.

These exquisite crochet fish can be used both as decorative ornaments and toys for children. Their patterns are easy to follow and adapt to any desired color scheme. When finished, hand wash your crochet fish to ensure its cleanliness before playing with it or hanging it on your wall!

This crochet fish pattern offers a range of colors and styles, from Koi Fish to Bubbles and Goldfish Teethers. Furthermore, an in-depth chart and step-by-step photo tutorial will guide you through making these crochet fishes.

Try the Fancy Fish Crochet Pattern if you’re searching for more sophisticated fish patterns. Quickly completed using leftover yarn scraps from other projects, this pattern makes an excellent gift and is perfect for beginners! It’s also a fantastic way to use up leftover yarn from projects.


Crochet fish make adorable accessories to any hat, bag, or addition, making great presents for children and adults. Numerous patterns are available, but it is best to select one that matches your skill level, if possible, to avoid frustration and produce quality results. Furthermore, using crochet hook sizes one or two sizes smaller than your yarn type helps maintain its shape more reliably once completed.

Beginners looking for their first crochet fish pattern should choose an amigurumi design. This stuffed animal can easily be created and makes an excellent present for children while providing practice working with various stitches. However, for something a bit more challenging, such as creating one with large heads and fins – which will require longer to finish but well worth your efforts.

The National Park Service offers several free crochet patterns inspired by nature found within parks. One design helps crafters create a halibut and walleye, while another features freshwater crustacean patterns. Furthermore, this service has also provided a pillow crochet pattern resembling lava flows.

If you’re searching for something exotic to crochet, check out this adorable pufferfish designed by Spin a Yarn Crochet. Made with medium-weight yarn and a 3.5 mm (E) hook, its finished size approximates that of your hand.

Create more realistic crochet fish by learning an applique stitch technique. It’s easier than you might think and produces durable results; finished pieces can be used in various projects like blankets and clothing – or simply as unique decorations in your home!

This delightful little fish will add charm to any project! With only a few hours of effort required for completion, this DIY fish craft project is ideal for beginners, kids, and adults who love playing with animals.


Create fun decorative accents for your home using crochet fish patterns with these easy-to-follow crochet fish patterns! They make fantastic gifts for sea lovers and can even be made in different colors to create an ocean scene! With no special tools or stitches necessary for completion, this step-by-step pattern will guide you step by step until it’s complete – follow along carefully, and you’ll soon be finished in no time!

Begin by creating a foundation ring. To do this, chain six chains and slip stitch the first and last chains into a circle; work one single crochet into each of the following nine spaces to form the fish body. Repeat this step to finish up this fish.

Build a tail by attaching yarn with a slipknot, inserting your needle directly behind your current stitch, keeping the line as straight as possible, and working one single crochet into this stitch, followed by three half double crochets behind it to form a fishtail effect.

For eyes, use either safety eyes or felt squares as focal points. For noses, use safety eyes or stitch the same color thread into patterns on felt pieces to form them. Finally, weave in any loose ends.

After crocheting the fish, add its dorsal fin by folding and finding the center top of its body, inserting the needle into its ring, and working one crochet stitch into each of the seven spaces surrounding its head. After finishing this stitch, cut your yarn and tie a knot at its tail end for closure.

This fish amigurumi project is perfect for beginners as it only requires simple crochet stitches and no sewing. Additionally, its design is beautiful and unique; children and adults will enjoy creating this delightful piece! You can make one as part of any type of yarn project to liven up any room this summer, even making one into an interactive wall hanging!