New York Grill Newmarket


New York Grill is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional New York dining style. The interiors are darkened and elevated, with booth seating and exposed bulbs. Handcrafted timber and steel are used throughout, including a wall of leather cuts, which become an art installation. Using leather and timber adds richness and texture to the dining area. The rendered walls are also textured, allowing light to interact throughout the day.

CTRL Space

The New York Grill Newmarket is a stylish, immersive steakhouse with a distinctive New York aesthetic. The concept aims to create a sense of New York luxury in a modern, contemporary space with a design that combines a traditional New York steakhouse and modern family dining. The restaurant is a collaboration between CTRL Space and New York restaurant-design studio Harrows and was created to create a sensory experience for diners. The restaurant incorporates wood-based veneered walls, crafted timber and steel furniture, and warm pendulum lighting.

The restaurant features a variety of seating options that are designed to meet various moods and preferences. The space is located in the vibrant Broadway district and boasts several sun-soaked balconies. The interiors create a sense of calm and comfort, making this the perfect place to unwind and relax after a long day.

CI Projects

The New York Grill in Newmarket, Auckland, captures the essence of the New York dining experience. Its design combines the ambiance of fine dining with silver service with a more casual environment that is suitable for families and children. The interior uses dark surfaces and warm tones to invite diners in and maintain a cozy feeling throughout the meal. The interior is crafted from selected textures and sensory materials such as leather and timber.

Hire Plants

The New York Grill is a restaurant in Newmarket, Auckland, that captures the spirit of the New York dining experience. It combines the elegance of silver service with family-style dining to create an atmosphere that feels at home and inviting. The interior design features dark surfaces that invite guests inside and maintain warmth throughout the meal. The design is created using a sensory approach, spatial planning, and select textures.