Nicco Park Offers Fun For All Ages


Nicco Park in Kolkata’s Salt Lake area is easily accessible via public and private transport, both public and private buses dropping directly in front of it.

There is something fun at this attraction, from rides explicitly geared for children to thrilling interests that provide thrills. Check out their day packages and deals available to save on admission tickets.


Nicco Park offers various packages designed to make your experience at Nicco Park as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. For instance, Nicco Park Authority provides an entry ticket with discounted pricing for senior citizens and families, enabling access to 13 rides and attractions and visiting River Cave. This significant magnet features dark sections depicting dinosaurs and volcanic eruptions.

Nicco Park offers online ticket purchases. Once you’ve made your selections and clicked “Checkout,” on the checkout page is a field labeled “Coupon Code” or “Promo Code,” where you can enter any applicable promo codes to receive instant savings. After completing your transaction, an email will be sent with your transaction ID that can be presented at the park entrance to redeem tickets. Alternatively, websites like Cashaly may provide coupons offering further savings; joining these websites free of charge can earn extra cashback when shopping through them!


Nicco Park offers rides that excite visitors of all ages, such as the Toy Train and Family Carousel. There’s sure to be something fun for everyone at Nicco Park; from Toy Train rides and Family Carousels all the way through a wave pool providing ocean-like waves in a safe environment to relaxing river rides – there’s sure to be something enjoyable here.

Guests can also take advantage of the park’s attractions, such as merry-go-round and Sky Diver Ride rides, cable car rides and aerial viewing from above, boating and paddle boats, and other activities that guests can book directly through its website or within the park.

Nicco Park in Kolkata is an exciting tourist attraction offering thrills and relaxation to people of all ages, often known as the Disneyland of West Bengal. Drawing thousands of visitors annually, its unique rides and attractions have gained it an excellent reputation while its educational recreation initiative emphasizes fun while learning something at the same time – with displays teaching visitors about the scientific basis for its rides & attractions as well as running efficiently on solar energy without creating pollution issues.

Cashaly provides convenient ticket booking services that save time and money when visiting theme parks like this one. Not only are there thrilling rides and attractions at Cashaly parks, but food and beverages are available too, although outside food/drink is not permitted inside. Considering all this, booking your tickets through websites like Cashaly will save time and money when visiting.

Nicco Park offers online ticket purchases through their website using “Book Now,” where you can choose your visit date and ticket size based on height. Once payment has been confirmed, an email or SMS notification with the Transaction ID and entrance ticket will be sent out; on visiting day, an attendant will verify whether or not your entry ticket was valid.


Nicco Park is a popular tourist destination that caters to everyone in the family, offering rides and attractions suitable for visitors of all ages – including an aquatic theme park called Wet-o-Wild! There’s also a selection of restaurants offering everything from street food to fine dining experiences.

The park’s educative recreational initiative is built upon the principle that visitors should have fun and gain something from their visit. Each ride at the park provides visitors with explanations regarding its operation; furthermore, attractions like River Caves and decommissioned MiG-21 fighter jet teach about nature. A 40-foot waterfall and rose garden are also on-site to teach visitors more.

Travel to Sealdah Park is convenient and accessible even without a car or the ability to use public transit, with its proximity to one of Kolkata’s main railway stations and numerous bus lines from various parts of the city connecting directly. Arriving early at the park will help avoid long queues and find an ideal spot.

Visitors who plan on staying multiple days at the park may take advantage of one of the various day packages offered, which provide meals and access to all rides – an excellent option for families wanting to experience all its attractions without spending too much. Packages are also available online through a secure payment system on their website, providing helpful instructions for using this service and a customer support hotline. Staff on hand to assist you with any technical difficulties when using the website is an invaluable feature that can save time and hassle when making reservations. All major credit cards are accepted and offer a free trial period.


Nicco Park is a theme park offering rides and attractions suitable for visitors of all ages, such as roller coasters, water rides, Ferris wheels, and food stands specializing in various cuisines. They also provide multiple packages designed to fit different preferences and budgets.

The park can be found off of Kolkata’s Eastern Metropolitan Bypass heading toward Salt Lake Sector Five in India, making it accessible via car or public transport, with ample parking spaces provided for vehicles. Visitors may also utilize ride-hailing services like Ola or Uber as an easy means of travel; opening hours for this park vary from weekdays to weekends/holidays from noon to 10 PM.

Apart from its thrill rides and attractions, this park also features an impressive collection of art and historical artifacts such as replicas of the Eiffel Tower, an underwater museum, a decommissioned MIG-21 fighter jet from Bagdogra Air Base, and several shops that sell souvenir t-shirts, mugs, and caps – not forgetting its impressive variety of thrill rides and attractions!

Nalban Boating Complex, also known as Lover’s Point, offers guests the perfect place for romantic strolls beneath canopies of trees with a gentle breeze in their hair – an ideal setting to take photos and spend quality time with loved ones.

Paddle Boat rides allow visitors to relax for ten minutes around a lake, effectively beating the summer heat and staying calm. In addition, the park features Lazy River rides, which give riders the experience of floating down a canal on a raft.

If you are visiting Nicco Park, be sure to book tickets in advance online. Doing this will allow you to avoid long queues and save time. To purchase tickets online, visit their official website and click “Book Tickets” near the top. This will take you to a page with packages and their respective costs; select one that meets your needs before following the instructions on the screen to complete your purchase.