Nicco Park Packages


The park offers an exciting assortment of rides and attractions to entertain the entire family, ranging from kiddie carousels to thrilling attractions such as river cave rides and roller coasters. There is something fun for all age groups here!

Booking tickets online and receiving a confirmation SMS/email are two options, with pricing information readily available on the website.


Nicco Park in Kolkata is an amusement park offering rides, shows, and attractions that provide hours of family fun and excitement. Nicco Park boasts an excellent selection of food and beverages and educational exhibits designed to engage children and adults alike.

At this park, guests can experience the thrills of various rides and activities, such as the Roller Coaster and Family Carousal. Water rides are also available, as well as various activities throughout the year. Finally, special events and celebrations take place every year that can add extra fun and excitement for visitors!

The cost of Nick Park Package in India is pretty reasonable compared to other amusement parks in India. Tickets tend to be significantly cheaper during weekdays versus weekends and can even be bought online at discounted rates through websites like Cashaly – which offers additional cashback benefits!

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Nicko Park offers very reasonable entrance fees, while ticket prices depend on your preferences and the type of pass you choose. A basic entry ticket only costs 300 INR per person for access to limited rides. At the same time, composite packages may include entry fees, main park/water park packages, and even free ride vouchers!

Nicco Park can be found at Jheel Meel in Sector IV of Salt Lake City in Kolkata, West Bengal, and is easily accessible via bus from Sir Gurudas Banerjee railway station or nearby Ballygunge or Dum Dum. It provides visitors with a unique entertainment experience!


Nicco Park is one of Kolkata’s premier theme parks and offers various rides and attractions. There are multiple packages to suit every rider’s experience level and choose from; boxes can be purchased at the front desk and online, including admission tickets and additional ride fees.

Your choices for entry tickets range from simple single-ride passes to combination packages covering both the Amusement Park and Water Park – more affordable packages allow you to access as many rides as you please throughout your day! Cafes and restaurants are located within the park where drinks and snacks may be purchased.

This park is adjacent to a stunning lake, offering breathtaking scenery for an exciting adventure. Its efficient energy usage also results in minimal pollution – making it a green option perfect for family fun! Moreover, this beautiful place provides breathtaking views that will compel you to come back again and again!

At this park, there are a variety of rides, such as a giant Ferris wheel and sky-diving simulator. Furthermore, kayaking, fishing, and cycling activities can also be found here, in addition to themed festivals and celebrations at this venue.

Are You an Adrenaline Junkie? Check Out This Park For adrenaline-pumping roller Coasters and Water Slides.

Nicco Park in Kolkata is an ideal place for families and couples to spend an enjoyable day, as its friendly and accommodating staff provides fantastic customer service. At the same time, the food served here is first-rate. Plus, admission prices are very affordable, so there’s something fun for all ages here – make sure not to miss it when in Kolkata! It is a must-see attraction.


Nicco Park in Sector 4, near Jheel Meel, is an amusement and water park popular with families in Kolkata. Here, you can enjoy various rides and watch an engaging musical fountain show, convenient food options, and souvenir stores – perfect for family outings!

Are you planning to take the whole family out for an adventurous day of fun and excitement? Consider purchasing a Nick Park package – that way, all the attractions can be enjoyed while saving money. Ticket prices are affordable and include entry to water park and amusement park attractions.

The park features rides and attractions for visitors of all ages and interests, from kiddie rides to roller coasters. Cable cars and the Eiffel Tower offer scenic views across the park; natural features include a rose garden and a forty-foot waterfall.

Nicco Park boasts thrilling water rides as well as delicious food. There’s something delicious available from restaurants and food courts at Nicco Park; its cafes provide refreshing tea or coffee breaks throughout the day. Open from 10:45 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. daily!

Food at this park is highly affordable, and the staff is amiable. You should remember a few key points before visiting: do not bring outside food into the park – instead, buy from its restaurants and cafes; additionally, bring valid photo identification to gain entry.

Nicco Park offers exceptional customer service, making it an excellent choice for families. Their knowledgeable staff will assist with selecting rides suitable for you and provide tips on how to enjoy them safely. In addition, Cashaly provides updated offers from Nicco Park, which you can use to save money when purchasing tickets or packages at Cashaly. Cashaly also features verified Nicco Park coupons so that you can take advantage of discounted ticket purchases!

Getting There

Nicco Park offers an unforgettable and thrilling experience for visitors of all ages. Offering thrilling rides and attractions as well as displays that reflect India’s rich cultural traditions, guests can also enjoy restaurants and food courts within the park as well as taking in panoramic views of its glistening lake surface and lush surroundings. There are even shopping options available so visitors can bring home souvenirs of their trip home with them!

Kolkata’s Salt Lake Park is easily accessible by public transportation; buses from across the city stop just outside it, while several taxi services also stop here. Furthermore, this park provides accessibility for individuals living with disabilities or those using wheelchairs.

Alongside its various rides and attractions, the park also features a water park and food court offering various cuisine. Visitors can even test their skills at bowling or other indoor games. Due to its unique amenities and relaxing environment, this venue is often chosen for corporate outings or parties.

The park hosts various events throughout the year, such as festivals and celebrations with themed activities. Visitors also enjoy boating on its lake – an enjoyable pastime offering stunning views of its surroundings.

Visitors can purchase tickets for the park either at its front desk or online. Its website provides an exhaustive list of ticket prices and packages; prices vary depending on which rides and attractions are used. Purchasing your tickets ahead can save money and help avoid long queues.

Nicco Park is at its finest when visited during winter when temperatures remain mild enough for you to experience its many rides and attractions without overheating. If visiting during the summertime, be sure to stop by Wet-O-Wild Water Park as a refreshing way to cool off!