Top 5 Spots For Delicious Pizza


Imagine pizza so delicious that people line up for hours for just one slice! That is precisely what happens when a master pizza maker like Dom DeMarco stands behind the counter.

Erich worked behind the crowd like an Italian Miles Davis in flour-covered shoes. He grated some Grana Padano on top and sprinkled fresh basil leaves directly onto his pie before finishing it all off with a generous drizzle of olive oil for good measure.

Best Pizza in Las Vegas

Las Vegas pizza has long been a delight, and that remains true today. From casual diners to fine dining establishments, there’s something delicious waiting for every palate – New York style, Chicago deep dish, or Neapolitan. No matter where your tastes lie, there is bound to be something perfect nearby.

Joe’s New York Pizza offers award-winning New York slices made with only the freshest ingredients, served alongside tasty side dishes such as buffalo wings, chicken tenders, and cheesy garlic knots for an enjoyable meal on on-the-go or casual dinner dates. This simple and cozy atmosphere makes Joe’s an ideal spot for lunch on the go or dinner dates alike!

Good Pie Pizza Shop of Las Vegas provides another fantastic pizza option in Brooklyn style with internationally acclaimed pizzaiolo Vincent Rotolo as its founder. This shop celebrates old New York traditional styles such as street slices, round pies, and squares from Brooklyn as well as Detroit. Additionally, gluten-free and vegan options can also be found here!

Best Pizza in Greenwich Village

Denino’s has quickly become the go-to spot in Greenwich Village for classic New York-style slices with thin, crispy crusts that fold effortlessly. What started as a casual pub in Port Richmond has now grown into one of Greenwich Village’s go-to’s, serving some of the city’s best slices for only $5 each.

Though one of NYC’s most beloved pizza spots, this family-owned slice shop remains relatively discreet. Not exactly a tourist attraction or visible from the street, once inside this cramped space, you will be amazed at just how delicious their pizza truly is. Choose between cheese or pepperoni slices, but for something special, try their grandma slices, which boast lots of basil and come topped with their homemade sauce that is equally delectable.

This no-frills, cash-only pizzeria is often packed with locals and visitors in search of a quick bite. While its name might sound silly, this place really only exists to serve delicious pizza; their bite-size slices make you fall instantly in love! Though sometimes long lines form, wait time may pay off with some of NYC’s best pizza.

Best Pizza in Staten Island

Denino’s is one of the premier pizza restaurants on Staten Island, serving both classic slices as well as some innovative options like their margarita pie (not too sweet or savory with just the right amount of marinara) and their delectable dill pickle pizza (also delicious).

Round Pie Pizza Company is another excellent option for pizza in Staten Island, being a local favorite and boasting an expansive menu consisting of everything from pizza and wings to pasta dishes and salads. Although they do experience occasional delays with service and delivery issues, Round Pie remains an excellent choice when it comes to finding delicious pies in Staten Island.

Staten Island offers something for everyone to do, with something suitable for both families and foodies alike. From Snug Harbor Cultural Center to Clove Lakes Park, there is something fun for all the family to do in Staten Island. Pizza lovers can especially take their pick of entertainment options!

Best Pizza in Brooklyn

Few titles can match that of “Best Pizza in Brooklyn,” and competition for this honor can be fierce. Brooklyn offers an impressive variety of quality spots ranging from upscale restaurants with rustic dining rooms to classic pizzerias that draw crowds by the thousands for their divine slices and toppings. Whatever your pizza preference – red Sicilian or white pie – there is sure to be an offering in Brooklyn that meets it perfectly.

Joe’s Pizza is an intimate and welcoming joint in Brooklyn offering some of the best pizza available. Open all hours, its checker-tiled countertops and fun photo-clad walls create a cozy environment in which to enjoy some freshly made mozzarella pie with an old-fashioned Coke beverage.

Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo launched F&F Pizzeria in 2019 with a mission of serving up some of the best pizzas in Brooklyn, NY. The restaurant offers both indoor standing tables and outdoor seating to create a relaxed dining experience; their signature Funghi and Tartuffe pizza features fresh mozzarella, pecorino cheese, thyme leaves, maitake mushrooms, and cremini mushrooms as toppings – one of their signature offerings!

Lucali Pizza in Brooklyn has gained a well-deserved reputation as one of the city’s finest pizza spots, known for using high-quality ingredients and employing sustainable firing techniques. Be sure to order its signature Kind Brother pizza featuring bechamel sauce, smoked mozzarella, egg, and sage – it won’t disappoint!