Cain From Corbin Fisher


Cain admits to preferring older girls while still enjoying dating attractive men. Although his preference lies with older ladies, he’s had plenty of threesomes and foursomes!

Ashley ties Cain’s arms behind his back while Dawson watches, taking time to carefully rimm his thick ass.


Roman directs an exciting POV threesome on CorbinFisher with Dylan and Chris engaging in deep dicking action while Delila latches onto every drop that drains from her tight hole that wraps around her big cock. Delila knows precisely how to handle herself; she licks, strokes, and slides up into her throat after every kiss from Dylan or Chris before taking every opportunity she gets to lick out every drop from Delila’s tight hole that wraps itself tightly around it – she loves how her tight hole feels wrapped tightly around it!

At his request, she is ready to ride his cock, so he fucks her missionary-style from the side, grinding it inside of her. His goal was to get her riding it, so he stretched out his hand and fingered her pussy until she told him not to use his hands – when smacked back at by her for using them anyway, he obeyed without further thought – pushing his cock up into her, yet she’s ready for more; moaning as he deepthroats her.


Initially, Cain appears nervous about their one-on-one encounter, but he quickly takes charge once he begins. Licking her lips and grabbing her deep inside his cock, Cain drives hard and deep as they cry out in pleasure together. Cain loves taking on new victims like this lovely lady willingly.

He rams his massive cock into her sweet asshole, and she can’t move. Her face flushes with anticipation as her cheeks begin to wash with heat. He tells her to push harder on him, and she obliges – sucking his cock with delight as they do so!

She’s ready for more, so she asks him to fuck her hard. He licks her pussy and draws her deep inside his big tool – then proceeds to hammer away for extended periods – while listening closely for any screams that might accompany his work.

After this session, she began licking her nipples before moving back onto his lap, where he pulled her close before giving her a good squeeze on his cock – then working his pussy to lick and sucke it in return! Later, she moved back over his chest, where they both began sucking her nipples until he took control and began pounding hard while moaning softly.

After a few rounds, she is eager for more. He jackhammers her, and she moans in pleasure. Then he switches gears and drills her from the side; his muscled ass tightens, while she shrieks in joy!

Cain continues his vigorous and deep fucks until she finally snaps. When this happens, she tells him to get every last bit of her cum into his mouth; in response, he does just that and then lick it all up for an unforgettable ecstatic experience that ends only with her screaming in joyous satisfaction.

Cain has extensive experience fucking girls, but this gorgeous blonde marks his inaugural experience fucking guys. She allows him to fuck her in his signature doggy style until she cries out with pleasure – something Cain enjoys doing both with newcomers as well as experienced ones; he knows exactly how to seduce any woman he encounters!


Addison has been one of the longest-standing models at Corbin Fisher, and she excels in connecting with men of all kinds and sizes. Her favorite thing to do is dive her mouth deep into an expansive cock and have it filled with saliva–something she hopes to replicate for her handsome boyfriend as well.

The blond stud is clearly in the mood to indulge, letting his fit body speak volumes as he makes out with her. His abs are clearly showing, while as his clothing slips off, we witness every inch of that hot cock and tight thighs!

After some initial kisses and strokes, he begins to go all-out on her and sinks his thick dick deep into her as she moans with pleasure. She’s a real sweetheart and revels in every bit of what he is giving her.

He’s enjoying himself, too, pausing occasionally to let out a low-key groan. He can’t wait for another chance at her and further fulfilling his desires.

Jonas is another newcomer to CF and has shown great enthusiasm for everything asked of him. He’s especially enjoyed watching Addison get her groove on, so expect that soon enough, too.

He lets her lick and stroke his cock, before getting down on his knees to begin doggy-style fucking with her. His movements caused her to writhe with pleasure as soon as he started pumping into her and burrowing his dick into her ass – making her go crazy in delight. Soon enough, he was pumping through into her, burrowing that dick into her ass, which sent shockwaves through her body! These two will make a perfect pairing; soon enough, they were locked into a full-on sexual encounter that was quite amazing – the timing couldn’t have been any better!


Jonas, a new employee at Corbin Fisher, appears eager to jump in and try anything thrown his way – including letting Connor make hard and deep love on him! Good thing, too – because it was irresistibly hot! Jonas found Connor’s massive hard cock irresistibly appealing and eagerly anticipated having it inside his mouth!

Jonas slowly kisses his way up Connor’s chest and nipples while moaning and gasping loudly. Finally, he removes his pants and gets down onto Connor. At first nervous, Connor soon gave in to his orgasm as he started stroking and sucking Jonas’ hard dick until it made it into his mouth – Jonas being an accommodating host, allowing it all!

Jonas decides he is ready for orgasm and lowers himself on Colby’s ass. Licking and stroking her hard dick, Jonas pushes Colby beyond her limits as her mind reels with moans and gasps due to the hard cock of a handsome young man.

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