Cain of Corbin Fisher


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Aiden first fucks Marc, drilling him missionary-style and applying pressure all over his ripped abs with his heavy load. Then he flips and doggy-fucks him before dousing Marc with water bottle caps – turning him on big time! Finally, Aiden clamps onto Marc’s cock and chokes him, turning him on!


As one of the newest members of his pack, Aiden quickly learns that to survive, he must be tough and aggressive. He was the first wolf to agree with Jackson’s plan to rid New Orleans of witches’ control over werewolves by using moonlight rings and working closely with Hayley while supporting their relationship.

Aiden may appear harsh, but underneath that tough exterior lies an emotional vulnerability and fragility that often overwhelms him through constant battles, preventing him from showing his emotions freely. He is very protective of his younger brother after experiencing The Infected firsthand.

Aiden struggles to come to terms with Josh’s death but remains haunted by memories of him. Finally able to move on when he meets handsome vampire Luca in the afterlife, Aiden begins dating Luca despite obstacles due to their species differences – eventually, they start an intimate romantic relationship that presents some challenges along the way.

Cain has bottomed multiple times on CF Select since 2013, but his most memorable scene remains his CF Select bareback flip-fuck with Chandler in 2013. This unforgettable scene won the CW Fan Favorite Award nomination and left viewers wanting more of these attractive, muscular dudes. Additionally, this scene featured one of the most iconic cum facials ever seen on CF; an explosive load shot from Chandler’s massive cock produced one of the most explosive load shots ever seen on CF; it even became virally popular, surpassing 2 million views!


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In this scene, Cain gently licks Ashley’s pussy and fucks her hard. Ashley moans both in pleasure and arousal as he puts his giant uncut cock inside of her until she can no longer take it, then jams his stiff cock into her asshole for additional pleasure and tofucks her.

Cain and Connor are twin twins who love being submissively subjugated to each other. They spend time in the back room romping, playing around, fucking each other’s dicks, arse, or asses in various configurations and positions before wrestling or spit-roasting one another for entertainment.

After this, they changed partners. At first, Luca and Dawson seemed to dominate each other before switching tactics – with Luca placing his cock in Dawson’s mouth and sucking it tight until feeling the juice run down her throat, she moaned in delight before both twins began punching each other hard and deep! We love seeing these boys having such fun; we can’t wait to see more!


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He loves her for being wrong. She’s willing to trade love for money – which can be seductive but can lead to tragic results if that relationship becomes deeper than money-driven. This story shows the importance of finding true love rather than simply following money trails.

He becomes entranced with her body as he licks and feels it, becoming addicted to its physical sensations. His tongue glides over her nipples and thick dick – his desire for her to be handled inside his being. But she wants him back, too – telling him to fuck her missionary style. He grinds her cock inside her, fucking more profound and complex with each stroke, leaving a trail of sweat glistening on her nipples that keeps her wanting more. Pushing his head down, she deepthroats him despite not wanting to take his massive dick in her mouth. Over time, they become inseparable – eventually, both being forced on each other simultaneously! She’s quite the beast too, and manages to keep pounding his dick while taking his deepthroat! Ultimately, he is her favorite man, but he will miss her greatly when he moves on!


Jackie is a high school student who has been dating Kelso for two seasons. She’s arrogant and believes her looks are the only assets she possesses, disliking him flirting with other girls or insulting them in front of others; yet over time, Jackie eventually warms to him after he attempts to win back her affection after cheating with Laurie.

Corbin Fisher guys once fit neatly into one category: college-age guys with athletic and muscular bodies. However, more recent additions include twinkish guys, including some blondes and brunettes who may appear either alone or as part of straight duos or bisexual threeways that often feature male/male or male/female pairings. Furthermore, Corbin Fisher now features Latin studs.

Cain is alone in his den and begins to undress Jackie. First, he sucks on her tit before his hard cock protrudes through his pants and starts fucking with Jackie as she writhes in delight.

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Dawson, an 18-year-old who loves being sexual, is an avid fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race and was delighted when her favorite competitor from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy appeared with her on it. She admires Thom Filicia’s accent and how he pronounces words; she can’t wait for more opportunities to work with him again!


Addison was mentored during her residency by internationally recognized OB/GYN Dr. Vivian Carlsmith and was one of her finest students. Addison excels in maternal-fetal medicine and can easily read her patients’ emotions during labor; additionally, she was the first physician to successfully treat an uncommon case of Ectopia Cordis, where the baby’s heart grows outside its mother’s body.

Addison displays a strong sense of responsibility, placing her patients’ needs ahead of hers. She is an adept listener and knows how to comfort them during difficult times. Addison also has an uncanny knack for remembering their details so she can provide accurate diagnoses and care.

Despite her wealth and education, Addison was known for being humble and down-to-earth, with an uncanny ability to connect with patients as if they were her own family, treating each one like they were family. Her caring approach won her numerous admirers among Seattle Grace Hospital doctors themselves.

Addison Walsh was initially promoted from recurring character to series regular in Season 2 due to showrunner Shonda Rhimes’ appreciation of her performance as Addison had an intricate history with her father, who had affairs with three nannies, her French tutor Jolene and a chef from their restaurant.

Addison has formed numerous close bonds at work during her tenure on the show, such as Naomi Bennett (with whom she briefly had an intense romance), Violet, Dell, and Coop; Amelia has become close to Addison as sisterhood grew closer between them both; Mark Sloan visited Addison when his daughter underwent surgery in Los Angeles while having formed a platonic friendship; finally, there is also Lucas.