Top 10 Desserts You Can Make at Home


Whether you like a little sweet treat or a lot of desserts, there are plenty of different desserts you can make at home. These include classics such as crepes, creme brulee, and marzipan, and lesser-known varieties like tong sui and custard.


Whether it is a special occasion or just a night in, tiramisu is a must-try dessert. This is a decadent dessert with a hint of rum. It is made with fresh heavy cream, eggs, and mascarpone cheese.

To start off, gather all your ingredients. The main ones are mascarpone cheese, heavy cream, sugar, and eggs. You can add cocoa powder for a nice finishing touch.

Mascarpone cheese is a type of Italian cream cheese. You can find it in the dairy section of your grocery store. Mascarpone cheese has a high-fat content. This can cause it to curdle if it is left at room temperature.


Besides being a great Christmas treat, marzipan is great for other desserts, too. You can decorate cakes and cookies with it, add it to fillings for croissants, and use it as a cupcake frosting. It can also be used to make chocolate roses.

Marzipan is a confectionery paste made from finely ground almonds. It is sweetened with honey or powdered sugar. You can also use almond oil to make it.

It was invented in Lubeck, Germany, in the 15th century. It was used as a filling for cakes and was given to the highest dignitaries of the Empire. In the Middle Ages, it was also a medicinal drug.

Tong Sui

Known as Tim tong in Chinese, this sweet, warm, and custard-like soup are popular in the Cantonese region of China. It is made of water, sugar, and various chopped ingredients. It can be served as a warm soup or as a dessert. It is made with different types of ingredients and is usually served with a variety of fruits and vegetables.

During the post-war era, many Chinese migrants brought their hometown sweet soups to Hong Kong. Today, tong sui specialty stores have become popular in major cities with large Chinese populations. They are also widely recognized in the overseas Chinese community.

French desserts

Whether you are looking to open a bakery, or just want to try out some of the delicious French desserts that are available, there are plenty of options. From creme caramel to croissants, there are many different French desserts to choose from.

Croissants are a sweet pastry that originated in the early 19th century. They are made with a layer of flaky dough and a caramelized golden crust. You can find these in local bakeries and supermarkets. They are a popular dessert in France.

Japanese desserts

Whether you’re in the mood for a quick snack, or you’re looking for something to enjoy with a meal, Japanese desserts are a great choice. They’re fresh, sweet, and easy to make. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much flavor these treats have.

Japanese desserts include traditional favorites as well as exotic new twists on old favorites. They’re aesthetically pleasing and delicious. They can even be a nice treat on a hot summer day.

Japanese desserts are known for their light, airy texture. They’re easy to make, and they’re perfect for any time of the year. They can be served warm or cold, and they’re usually sweetened with sugar.


Several variations of custards have been developed. These include creme patisserie, pastry cream, boiled custards, and baked custards. However, they have a common denominator, which is the use of eggs and cream.

Custard can be served either warm or cold. It is rich, smooth, and creamy. It is usually prepared with eggs, cream, milk, or cheese. It can also be prepared with gelatin.

Custard recipes can be made on the stovetop, in the oven, or in a water bath. The water bath allows for a moist and gentle cooking environment. It also cradles the custard, which helps prevent curdling.

Creme brulee

Usually served in individual ramekins, Creme Brulee is a French dessert with a caramelized top. It’s creamy and rich, and a delicious dessert to have on hand for guests.

The traditional recipe for creme brulee starts with a custard base. You can mix it up with other flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate, or coffee. The best way to make creme brulee is to use high-quality ingredients.

To make creme brulee, you will need egg yolks, vanilla, heavy cream, and sugar. You will want to mix the egg yolks and sugar well. This will prevent scrambled eggs and will ensure a smooth texture.


Traditionally, gelatin desserts are prepared by dissolving gelatin in water and then cooling down the solution. This requires a lengthy gelation time. Today, however, a simple gelatin dessert can be prepared in just five minutes at room temperature.

Gelatin desserts generally contain at least one ingredient that is a good source of vitamins. This may include an acid such as fumaric or malic. Other examples include glycine, an amino acid with tremendous health benefits.

Gelatin desserts generally contain a good source of protein. This is because the gelatin is derived from the collagen of animals. Gelatin desserts can be customized with a variety of ingredients.